DSM Partners

Experience shopping in a whole new way

Welcome to the DSM Partner Program

At Digital Shopping Mall (DSM), we are reshaping the way you experience online shopping by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge blockchain technology with the convenience of e-commerce. Our platform brings you a revolutionary shopping experience that combines security, innovation, and rewards like never before.

DSM's Digital Shopping Point (DSP), is exclusively used by members for shopping purposes.

Thanks to our groundbreaking pre-ordering technology powered by DSP and blockchain's smart contracts, shopping in DSM can result in savings of more than 99% compared to prevailing retail prices. This is made possible by the revolutionary DSM tokenomics, which are designed to consistently increase the value of DSP beyond its economic minimum price of $50,000. This price increase empowers members to pre-order products and services at values significantly lower than the current market value, by up to 100 times.

Digital Shopping Mall

Ad Revenue Sharing Program

This program aims to distribute the money earned from displaying ads (Digital Shopping Mall ad revenues) to multiple levels of contributors.

Segmented Sharing

The revenue sharing is divided into different categories:

1. Content Creators: They earn 40% of ad revenue generated on their content shared in their Streams.

2. Sponsors of Content Creators: They earn 10% of the ad revenue generated by their directly invited business partners and 1% on ad revenue generated by their Level 2 up to Level 10 invited business partners each.

3. Ad Purchase Sharing: Direct Sponsors of ad purchasers earn 10% commissions. Level 2 up to Level 10 sponsors earn 1% each.

Premium services program:

Direct sponsors of premium service buyers on our social media website earn 20% commissions. Level 2 to Level 10 sponsors earn 2% each.

Endorsement/Recommendation Commissions:

Members of the Digital Shopping Mall (DSM) actively engage by suggesting products and services to include in the mall's offerings. When a recommended item gets sold, a significant portion - 30% - of the deal margin is earmarked for recommendation commissions. These commissions are distributed among those involved in the recommendation process: 50% goes to the endorser, 25% to their Level 1 inviter, and the remaining 25% is shared evenly among the Level 2 to Level 10 endorsers' inviters.

The earning potential through endorsement commissions is remarkable, with payments ceasing once an endorser reaches $100,000 in commissions for a specific deal. This presents a new avenue for passive income facilitated by DSM, eliminating the necessity to recruit others and allowing individuals to earn substantially - up to $100,000 per endorsed deal. There's also no need for negotiation with suppliers; simply complete the online recommendation form within the DSM platform, and it will handle the deal closure with the supplier.

The innovation doesn't stop there; commissions are disbursed in Digital Shopping Points (DSPs), which hold immense value for holders. DSPs can yield discounts of more than 99% on pre-ordered items within the mall, empowering individuals to maximize their purchasing power.

This model represents an influential way to generate passive income online, showcasing the potential to propel individuals towards achieving millionaire status!

Product/Service Purchase Commissions:

For commission allocations, a sponsor is an individual whose personal invitation link has been utilized to pre-order or purchase a deal, while an Inviter is someone whose personal invitation link has been used to join DSM. Members collectively benefit from 30% of the deal margin, distributing as follows: 25% to the purchaser's Level 1 sponsor, 25% to the purchaser's Level 1 inviter, 25% shared equally among Level 2 to Level 10 purchaser's sponsors, and the remaining 25% shared equally among Level 2 to Level 10 purchaser's inviters.

If a user purchases or pre-orders a deal directly inside DSM after logging in without using someone else's personal invitation link, their purchase or pre-ordering shall be accounted for as sponsored by their inviter for the purpose of paying commissions. In this case, the inviter and his sponsors get paid both sponsorship and invitation commissions.